bearFor children, the word cancer can be scary and confusing. Watching friends or family members go through treatment is difficult for all of us, and for children, having an extra buddy around can make things feel a bit better. The Friends of Gilda’s NS Bear Buddies program is for any child 12 and under who has cancer or a loved one with cancer in their life. Each Bear Buddy is delivered directly to the child, and comes with special instructions on how to keep you and your Buddy healthy and happy. Whether visiting the hospital, getting treatment, or traveling to see a loved one, keeping your bear close means you always have a buddy!

To register a child to receive their own Bear Buddy, click here, or contact us at to receive a registration form to mail or email to us. The information you provide will be retained only for the purpose of maintaining a contact list for Bear Buddies recipients. The information you provide will not be shared with any other party, and will be kept confidential at all times.